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Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser Surgery is reshape to cornea for clearer vision and focus to retina of the image’s directly.

Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser Surgery

Excimer laser surgery is treat visual impairments which nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic.

Excimer Laser Surgery is reshape to cornea  for clearer vision and focus to retina of the image’s directly. Excimer Laser is a UV Laser that has  193 nm wavelength.

Firstly, Refractive errors are checked and determined, then cornea structure is examined with corneal map and pachymeter tests detailedly.

The patients dispose to glasses  thereby reshaping of cornea with excimer laser. The eyes that have normal vision, cornea provide that the light to reach on retina directly. However, if the eyes have visual impairment like myopic, astigmatic and hypermetropic, this light could not to reach retina directly, it reaches to different areas and therefore blurred vision is occured.

Clearer vision can be held by the glasses and contact lens but necessary treatment will be provided with Excimer Laser for clearer vision.

Why Am I Think Excimer Laser Surgery?

Comfortable Vision: You may be tired of ordering contact lens or maintaining of eyeglasses or renewing you glasses every year. Your vision quality may not be very well through your thick glasses and you may be tired of carrying the glasses or you may not like wearing glasses in terms of aesthetics.

Problems of Contact Lens: For some people who have contact lens, these lenses  may become intolerable in time.

Lifestyle: You may not be able to live the active lifestyle that you want with the glasses.

What Are The Methods of Excimer Laser?

Lasik: Lasik is most common applied laser surgery method for treatment of visual impairment. The flap that related with the cornea is removed and laser is appliedin the inner layer of cornea.

Most confidental method is i-Lasik that valve is removed with femtosecond laser. Flap is removed with this laser method like intented thickness without split. I-Lasik is the method that least damaged to eyes, the valve would be removed the with truest laceration.

Apart from the standard method, in the i-Lasik method, the patient’s cornea map is determined and then personal treatment is applied thereby provided to dispose of eyeglasses.

Photorefractive Keratoctomy (Prk): this method can be applied, if the patient has ultrathin cornea and due the cornea is not allow to removing flap, and also if the patient is not want to any mark.

In this method, the Flap is not removed directly. The epithelial layer of the cornea is peeled off with used alcohol and an excimer laser (with evaporation method) is applied in the middle layer and it provided reshape to the cornea.

After applying this method, there is no need for tissue to cover due to not remove the flap. The epithelial layer that peeled off can renew itself, the layer on the cornea is renewing in 2-3 days. In these 2-3 days, little pain may be felt due to nerve endings will be peeking out. Till this period is passed, the cornea’s front surface is closed by a contact lens, and after that, this contact lens is removed.

Lasek: This method applied to ultrathin cornea like PRK. As distinct from the PRK, a thinner layer removed by a laser or a knife. And then the excimer laser is applied in the middle layer.

During the Femtosecond laser process, This method is known as the No Touch Laser due to the eyes have zero touched.

Who is applied Excimer Laser?

The excimer laser can be applied who have visual impairments like nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic.

Excimer laser process could be optional however it is not applied to every eye. The person who wants to excimer laser process should be up 18 age cause of eyeglasses numbers are known to stop remain till the 18 age plus eyeglasses numbers should be stabile for last two years.

If the patient has amblyopia every detail should be explained due to excimer laser is not a treatment for amblyopia, this process is only operate visual impairment.

Corneal topography should be examined detailedly and should be sure that the patient has not any corneal problem. Cornea thickness should have a level that tolerates this surgery. Corneal thickness is measured by pachymeter and after that, the method is detected.

Who Is Not Suitable For Excimer Laser?

The doctor will be have the last word. Excimer laser is not applied or delayed based on below;

  • Under the 18 aged
  • Pregnants, Breastfeeding Mothers or Used hormonal medications
  • If the eyeglasses numbers are change too often recently,
  • If the cornea has ceratoconus or thin form,
  • Have uncontrolled glaucoma or eye diseases such as advanced dry eye or uveitis,
  • If the patient has some health problems like diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or other problems that can be affected cornea.

What Is The Risks Of Excimer Laser?

Laser surgeries are the most common and successful surgeries all around the world but it could not be mentioned that have zero risk as in other major and minor surgeries. Laser surgeries have most low risk as far as other surgeries and even if it has risks,these risks could be treated,easily.

Dry Eye Syndrome:  Lasik surgery could be cause to temporary dry eye syndrome. In the recovery period, the patient may feel extreme dryness in the eyes during the first six months after the surgery. A teardrop is prescribed by the doctor for this problem. This teardrop’s using time could be change from person to person.

Light Deflagration and Double Vision:  Generally, seeing may be had a difficulty in the evenings between first 1-3 days and 1-2 weeks. Increased light sensitivity, double vision around the bright lights may be felt. But these complaints will be finish completely or  will get better prominently.

Insufficient Improving:  If the improving is insufficient than planned, The seeing that has a good quality  could not procured. Lasik can be applied in the same year for retreatment.

Extreme Improving: This risk is had low rate and treatment method of this problem's is more difficult in comparison with insufficient improving. But extreme improving could be treatment with laser technique like insufficient improving.

Flap Problems:  During the process, some complications may be occur  such as folding to behind, infection and extreme tear. The flap is washed and refit again for folding or corrigation problems. The ephythelial layer on the cornea may be grow abnormally. If this problem is recognized in early period, the tissue is cleaned under the flap and after that some medication using is started.

Regression:  This problem is about return to beginning of eye glasses numbers. Regression is seen lower common complication. Also this problem’s main reason is about the patient’s eye structure, not laser technique or devices.

Vision getting worse than before:  This complaint is seen so rare.If the patient is not care treatment period and control days,  there may be occur getting worse vision based on infection.

All these are general information about excimer laser risks. Practically,Any other risks were not be monitored on the exterior of dry eye, temporary  light deflagration or visual impairment .

How should I prepare to excimer laser surgery?

Before the Laser, general examination will be done. And then suitability of the eyes will be evaluated for excimer laser. This examination is include tonometry test and identification of visual impairment and eye number measurement.

Excimer Laser Prices in Izmir, Turkey

Providing a price is not correct before the examination due to there are various laser techniques for every eye.

What should I pay attention to after excimer laser?

You should pay attention below after the excimer laser;

After the excimer laser, first 24 hours you need to avoid contact water and you need to no touch your eyes.

You need to use your drops and medications in full and regularly.

You could return to your work life from the third day. If your work place is dusty and inappropriate for health condition, rest for one week will be suitable.

You need to avoid cigarette smoke and dusty places minimum one week, after the process.

You need to avoid swimming in pool or sea and spa first one month.

First one month, you should not to eye make-up . If you make it, when put away the make-up you should not make hard press to the eyes.

You need to avoid harsh light. Especially first days, you may have eye sensibility.  You need to wear sun glasses for this.

Especially first two weeks, you need to avoid some places that have air conditioning or dry air.

Generally, watering, stinging of the eyes may be seen first 3-4 hours. First day, vision may be blurred. End of the first day, your seeing is return to normal.

Update Date: 11.04.2023
Prof. Dr. Safiye Yılmaz
Prof. Dr. Safiye Yılmaz
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